Full stack developer

LOCATION: Eindhoven, Netherlands. Crawling distance from the central train station. (Permanent, full time position).

Othera is tackling the cause of the global credit crisis heads on. How? By using blockchain to increase transparency of securitized loan data and enabling lenders to more effectively manage risk on their balance sheet. This is an extensive decentralized application from loan origination through to settlement, and it includes financial modeling of loans which are traded on a blockchain-powered digital asset exchange.
Sure, the blockchain hype has led to many startups building decentralized apps and improving blockchain technology. But how often do you come across a startup that is getting traction with big players? We’ve lined up U.S. mortgage lenders, and some of the largest banks in the US, U.K., Europe and Asia. Founded in Australia, Othera is a small, but rapidly growing team of financial experts, mathematicians, and programmers. With more and more businesses entering our sales pipeline, we are ready to scale.

New European R&D team

You will be part of the new European R&D site that is responsible for a critical module of the Othera platform. You will be joining the team at a very early stage and will be instrumental in determining the direction. You’ll help shape a sophisticated web application, in close contact with European customers. The application runs on top of an enterprise blockchain with close ties to public blockchains. Development challenges are at the blockchain level to integrate smart contract execution across chains, at the server level to include financial modeling, and in the frontend to integrate into the workflow of the traders. UX, software quality and security, and fast, incremental delivery are key.

What do we look for in a full stack developer?

It is often more efficient and fun to work vertically through the stack from blockchain to frontend in a pair than to separate skills and responsibilities in backend and frontend. Having said that, our ideal candidate brings frontend experience to the team, but does not shy away from the backend and blockchain. You have seen your fair share of server and frontend frameworks and languages and know how-to pick the right tool for the job. You have a strong focus on test-first and quality. You like to learn and stay on top of technological developments.

The techie details
  • You have an affinity and experience in frontend development, Javascript, and Node.js. You experienced the power of component-based frameworks like React and Vue.
  • You know how to connect frontend and backend and avoid the pitfalls of routing, state management (e.g.Redux), performance, and security.
  • You don’t like the spaghetti potential of languages like PHP, and prefer languages like Java, Scala or Haskell.
  • You prefer functional and strongly typed languages to simply know it works when the build says ok.
  • Uncle Bob’s “clean code” is our mantra. We strongly believe in TDD and pair programming for quality and fun.
    Blockchain experience, especially Ethereum and enterprise blockchain is a plus, but as the technology is too young to claim expertise, we believe you will learn quick enough.
  • DevOps experience, esp. Docker and/or Azure will help.
  • You can demonstrate you created challenging software. Large-scale, single-page web applications beyond the 2,000-line textbook example. More than once.
  • You have an engineering degree (BSc or more, PhDs are most welcome), ideally in computer science or equivalent.
  • Given the fintech domain, relevant experience in the financial industry, esp. trading bonds, is a big plus.
The social stuff
  • We ask direct questions to challenge and coach each other to constantly improve our work. We are self-driven but team oriented.
  • We know that a true diverse team in gender, cultural background, and age can move mountains. Our company language is English. Dutch is not required.
  • We love the pragmatism of lean and agile, continuous improvement, and the close contact with customers. Prior experience is good, if not, you’ll find out in practice.
  • We have strong deadlines and work hard. But we detest death marches. We prefer a sustainable pace and a good work-life balance.
  • Whatever the work, we all love the challenge, and share the fun of learning new stuff and celebrating failure and success together.
The opportunity

Take the chance to jointly realize a global impact in the financial world. Typically, you get this entrepreneurial, green-field situation only as part of the founding team of a startup, without salary. At Othera you get a fair market salary, incl. Pension contributions and participation in our performance-based share option plan. We have regular lab days to tinker with new technologies and ideas. This is an incredible opportunity to work with passionate peers on interesting technical and business challenges.

How to apply?

Send us your LinkedIn profile or CV, GitHub account or project you are proud of. Or just drop by the Eindhoven office for a coffee. Get in contact by email, martijn@othera.io, or call +31638237286.