The new paradigm for global debt markets

Delivering an end-to-end, blockchain enabled ecosystem, connecting loan originators to investors, enabling a transparent and trustworthy digital asset lifecycle

Customers & Partners

For Loan Originators

Originate with guaranteed off-take and investor quality assurance


A faster, cheaper and more flexible way to originate, manage, settle and trade loans

Total provenance

Assure full immutable proof of the lending process

For Investors

Make decisions based on complete and validated loan details

Custom digital assets

Access to highly customizable digital asset investment products & trustworthy data

Full transparency

Full transparency of digital assets, underpinned by near real-time proof of asset collateral, quality and servicing performance

The Othera Platform

Seamless movement of digital assets, data and cash from origination to capital markets. With full blockchain-style transparency and immutability guarantees

Configurable Workflows

Easily configure bespoke workflows and validations

DLT Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate with your DLT infrastructure, such as Corda, Quorum, or Hyperledger, as well as non-blockchain users

Incremental change

Leveraging existing incumbents and business models, addressing the transition between legacy and a true digital world

Seamless asset exchange

Deliver digital assets, data and cash to any endpoint in the ecosystem with total immutability and proof

Reduced Friction

Streamline and automate existing manual workflows, enable faster processing, reduce settlement times, and prevent errors

Scale as you go

Architected to scale from small to extreme loan volumes

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