Othera in the Press

Can blockchain prevent financial earthquakes?

Othera PR | 30 May 2019

Othera is now collaborating with DXC Technology to ensure secure deployment of the platform and integration of bank-grade security services…Read more

NEOS Direct Lending partners with Othera

Othera PR | 5 December 2018

NEOS Direct Lending partners with Othera to onboard SME borrowers and digitise the lending underwriting, settlement and servicing process…Read more

Blockchain Firm Extending Reach

Steve Chambers | 6 April 2018

A blockchain-technology company in Sydney is extending its reach to the U.S. and Europe. Othera already claims to have developed a fully functional system through which loans can be originated and securitized…Read more

Here’s fintech’s secret pitch to the RBA to create an Australian dollar cryptocurrency

Tony Yoo | 16 October 2017

A group of fintech startups have submitted cases to the Reserve Bank of Australia and the federal Treasury to demonstrate the need for a new government-endorsed Australian dollar cryptocurrency… Read more

Blockchain: everything you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask

David Tuckwell | 31 August 2017

As with any new technology, blockchain can leave people mystified. So AltFi caught up with John Pellew, one of Australia’s top blockchain experts and CEO of Othera, to get his take on blockchain- including his simple ‘library catalogue analogy’… Read more

Othera awarded pilots with EY and ABN AMRO

David Tuckwell | 21 July 2017

Australian blockchain start-up Othera has been awarded two international business pilots, one with consultancy giant EY, another with Dutch banking major ABN AMRO.

This grants Othera the opportunity to take part in 100-day scope of works programme with both companies, and then two pilot programmes in early 2018…. Read more

Blockchain applications rolling out in financial markets

James Eyres | 18 June 2017

Less than a fortnight since Data61’s landmark blockchain reports pointed to the emerging technology’s efficiency-enhancing potential, several new blockchains are appearing in financial markets to streamline processes and monitor asset provenance.

Sydney-based Othera has built blockchain software now trading alternative assets. Othera’s Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Token Exchange uses JP Morgan’s private blockchain… Read more

Australian P2P lender, Credit Crowd, joins blockchain lending platform, Othera.

Jonathan Nieh | 7 June 2017

It was announced recently that Australia-based P2P lender, Credit Crowd, has joined Othera’s Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Trading Exchange. By joining Othera’s platform, Credit Crowd is seeking to evolve its P2P lending market by digitizing the trading of P2P loans on the block chain… Read more

Othera and Credit Crowd strike a blockchain partnership

David Tuckwell | 8 June 2017

Blockchain provider Othera has linked up with Australian fintech lender Credit Crowd, allowing the Sydney fintech to digitise its loans on blockchain.

The partnership will allow Credit Crowd’s loans to be tokenised and traded on digital asset token exchanges—in effect, a kind of securitisation… Read more

Othera is helping Credit Crowd to re-imagine the digitisation and trade of P2P loans on the blockchain

Othera Press | 5 June 2017

Othera, developer of the Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Token Exchange that is helping to re-imagine the Alternative Asset Investment ecosystem, has welcomed new lender, Credit Crowd, onto their platform.

As a P2P business lender, Credit Crowd are looking to digitise their existing and future loan book to facilitate transparency and liquidity for the issuance and trade of loans by their investors… Read more

When blockchain meets online lending: The business using one to improve the other

Harriet Green | 13 April 2017

Leveraging technology to create a new asset class has been done a fair amount in the financial world – most notably in recent years by the P2P industry, which makes credit more accessible, faster and cheaper for individuals and business while delivering a return to investors, via increasingly accurate risk profiling…. Read more

2017 will be ‘Watershed’ year for blockchain

Francesca Krakue | 28 February 2017

The heads of fintech businesses have emphasised that the development of blockchain is “moving very quickly” and is likely to gain further traction in the financial industry this year.

Speaking at the AltFi Australasian Summit yesterday, John Pellew, founder and CEO of fintech company Othera, remarked that he believes 2017 is going to be a “watershed year” for blockchain technologies. ….. Read more

Australia’s, Othera, tests lending, digital exchange blockchain platforms

Henry Hughes | 20 September 2016

Othera, an Australian startup providing lending, exchange and analysis platforms, announced it has completed the prototypes of its Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Trading Exchange platforms and started testing them.

The Blockchain Lending Platform is built on the Ethereum platform. It will use smart contracts to allow investors, lenders and corporations to segment and to price asset backed securities….. Read more

A Blockchain solution for Marketplace Lending, it’s from Sydney

Glenn Hodgeman | 30 August 2016

Blockchain continues to generate a huge amount of interest and hype within the global capital markets, and now we see something tailored for marketplace and alternative lending coming from Sydney.

The use of blockchain (distributed ledgers) provides a new approach for data management and transparency, which will become a solution to many of the inefficiencies that impact the financial industry… Read more