Announcing a new contract with U.K.’s Lendhaus, to digitise syndicated lending of commercial real estate on Othera’s blockchain platform

October 18, 2017 • Katie O’Mara, CMO, Othera

Announced at Lendit in London, Othera, has just signed to their proprietary blockchain platform, Lendhaus, a London- based loan originator providing syndicated lending for the commercial real estate sector.

An announcement like this is somewhat representative of one of the advantages of attending a Lendit conference. In addition to hosting innovators who share their experiences of being at the fintech coalface, Lendit attracts a melting pot of cutting edge technologists, progressive entrepreneurs and opinionated influencers who flock to meet likeminded folks.
Since it began in 2013, the LendIt conference has provided an unmissable chance to network and form new business relationships, and its continued success speaks volumes of the value to be gained from attending such a high calibre industry event. It was actually at a networking meetup not unlike this in 2016, where the CEO of Othera, John Pellew, met members of the Lendhaus team and seeded the beginning of a promising business relationship.
Othera were represented at Lendit, by Anthony Godden, Chief Revenue Officer and Evangelist, who announced the new contract and met with with Peter Renton and James Jones to discuss what Othera have been doing both in Australia and in the U.K. As his first experience of Lendit, Anthony was extremely impressed with the quality of the speakers, the content and the attendees,

“I’ve met people from some very innovative businesses who have quite complementary services to Othera, and many of whom I’ve arranged to catch up with for a chat after the event.“

Left to right: James Jones, Anthony Godden and Peter Renton (Photo courtesy of We Make Pictures and LendIt Europe)
A strong commitment to business networking, combined with strategic business and technological development is propelling Othera’s growth as a market leading provider of software for loan originators. Our innovative infrastructure platform increases transparency and asset liquidity across a range of asset classes, solving capital and compliance challenges within a single managed solution.
From loan origination through to issuance of digital assets, Othera’s platform increases efficiency and reduce costs by automating workflows, securely digitising loans and enabling issuance of digital assets; all whilst providing transparency and full asset provenance to permissioned stakeholders involved in the process.
This managed solution complements Lendhaus’ service as a loan originator for syndicated lending in the commercial real estate sector. The syndicated lending process involves execution of complex business workflows, extensive document monitoring and sharing, multi-stakeholder engagement and the requirement for a central, immutable ledger for the recording of data and transactions. Othera’s private, distributed ledger can deliver these outcomes and Lendhaus will record and integrate their proprietary loan syndication workflows and business logic into the platform, bringing Lendhaus closer to their vision of digitally transforming the global commercial real estate lending sector.
Anthony is excited about the opportunity to work with Lendhaus and the growth opportunity for Othera’s expansion into the U.K. In regards to what he has going in the pipeline,

“Well, there’s quite a bit going on at home, but I’m also optimistic about more business in the U.K. I wouldn’t be surprised if a really promising opportunity develops as a result of the connections I have made with people I’ve met here at LendIt.”