On the edge of Fintech.
Othera at Finovate, New York, 2016

September 8, 2016 • Katie O’Mara, CMO • Othera

No disruptive technology company stays ahead of the curve simply by sitting in an office and pushing out code. As a finance and data analytics technology group, we are especially interested in staying informed of new developments in Fintech and blockchain.

We’re in a fast moving Fintech eco-system and are well aware that when you are striving to be at the forefront of innovation, you need to keep your ears open and to humbly learn from your community. This month, we were at Finovate, New York. Finovate showcases cutting edge technology in short-form, demo only format. It attracts the biggest names in the business including Paypal, Google, Visa, PWC, Apple and many more household names in finance and technology.

John Pellew, our founder and CEO is attending with one of our lead developers, Nick Addison from Finhaus Labs. Having just released the prototype for Othera’s Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Trading Exchange, there is a lot of buzz and a lot to talk about. John has said,

“We are talking with other attendees who are fascinated to hear what we are achieving with our blockchain platform, but the conversation goes both ways. The people we are meeting have incredible technical experience and we are just as keen to hear about their projects”.

Finovate is a hot house primed for Ideas–meets problem– meets tech– meets solution type discussions and the timing couldn’t be better for the Othera team to be there. John believes the benefits of being there this week are definitely worth the travel;

“To be at Finovate and amongst the experts in Fintech is so powerful. You just can’t have the number and quality of conversations we are having here when you’re back home in the office. It’s incredible and the knowledge we will take away from the event will be extremely valuable for our team”.

Why attend Finovate?
There are many reasons why attending Finovate should be priority #1 for a fintech startup. One of the top reasons to attend is the opportunity to have your awareness and understanding of technical application stretched far beyond its current limits. The ‘demo-only’ format for this event really facilitates this. It allows attendees to get real insights into the future of financial technology.When the sharpest minds in the business get on stage, we don’t just see conceptual innovation. The demos unveil fintech that is (or soon will be) shaping and disrupting the global financial marketplace. Watching these demos unleashes creativity and encourages questions, reflection and outside of the box thinking which can go on to spawn more innovative ideas and solutions.
Left to right: John Pellew and Nick Addison
Another advantage of attending Finovate is the networking. With the biggest names in finance and technology in attendance, you’re bound to bump into someone who can teach, introduce, listen or question. All of which are valuable, particularly for a fintech startup! With so much innovation on display at the event, discussion on the application of technology dominates. However talk of strategy and commercialisation is also bounced around and just as highly prized with many attendees. Finovate is a two day event and is held in multiple cities around the world.