Othera is an Australian financial technology company based in Sydney, NSW. We launched in 2015 and have been expanding our services to meet the needs of the marketplace lenders and financiers.

Our software incorporates three tools for marketplace lenders and financiers.

  1. Lender PQ: an automated credit scoring tool that uses live business data to enable lenders to evaluate creditworthiness and analyse credit risk.
  2. Blockchain Lender Platform: a blockchain as a service platform that allows lenders to digitise, segment and price individual, asset backed securities and convert them into digital loan tokens. 
  3. Digital Asset Exchange: a two sided marketplace which enables trade of digital loan tokens between loan originators and retail/  institutional investors. The exchange helps lenders to recapitalise their balance sheet and provides investors with means for analysing credit risk and an opportunity to invest in high yielding digital assets.

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